Children’s Legal Action for Constructive Change

Children are underrepresented in the legal space because they aren’t old enough to hire a lawyer on their own and speak for themselves. This means adults must take action and speak on their behalf. Children have a lot of issues that need to be resolved, and because of this, we’ve developed the Children’s Legal Action and Change Committee (CLACC) to ensure every child is heard.

The purpose of the CLACC is to create awareness for children’s legal rights. Kids have many rights which include:

  • Association with both parents
  • Human identity
  • Physical protection
  • Food
  • State-paid education
  • Healthcare
  • Freedom from discrimination
  • Freedom from abuse
  • The right to be cared for and nurtured

When children’s rights aren’t protected and enforced, often times, there’s no one there to notice or say anything. Kids all over the United States go without food or proper care, but who’s there to tell the authorities? We must find a way to save these youth from their dire situations and get them the help they deserve.

Mistreated Children Become Miserable Adults

The consequence of not helping these mistreated kids is their resulting adulthood and behavior. Children with unhappy childhoods become adults with mental and emotional distress. Usually, adults that commit criminal acts and end up in jail are those who went through rough upbringings. In order to break this cycle, it’s essential that we help kids before it’s too late.

Legal Representation for Children

The first step in helping troubled youth is ensuring they have proper legal representation behind them. Attorneys with knowledge of children’s rights can fight for better laws and policies in office. Better policies that can change the way children are treated may include stricter enforcement on public school systems or more frequent checks by Child Protective Services.

Once better policies are put into place, there can be more eyes on kids who may not have been seen before. Kids may also have a better chance to be heard by authorities or other trusted leaders when something isn’t right at home.  

The CLACC is working toward constructive change to bring awareness to help elect better officials into office and to hire better attorneys for families in need. We hope once you read the information on our site, you’ll feel empowered to spread the word to your community. Those without a voice deserve to be heard more than anyone. We have the power to give children that voice. Help children all over the country who are in need.