Auto Insurer Tactics and How to Beat Them

When a serious accident happens, you’ll need your insurance company to step in and cover your expenses. That’s what we pay for, right? We want the peace of mind that, when an accident happens, we’ll get the full coverage we need to recover.

Unfortunately, your insurance company might not be so willing to step in and help. Instead, you’ll have to fight back to get the full settlement you need to recover.

If you’re struggling to get your full settlement, watch out for the following tactics your insurer might use. When you’re dealing with the aftermath of a serious accident, you’ll need to fight back to recover fully from your accident.

Lowballing Your Settlement

One of the first risks to your claim will be getting a settlement offer that simply doesn’t cover all you need it to cover. Instead, they’ll lowball your settlement and leave you to pick up the rest of the expenses.

This tactic is meant to protect their profits. As a for-profit business, this is their priority, so they’ll likely be less willing to pay out for your claim, especially if you suffered especially serious injuries. So, they might tell you that their initial offer is the best they can do, though that’s rarely the case. If this happens, talk to an attorney who will help you draft a demand letter.

Slow Responses

In some cases, they might delay their response, taking their time to respond to you about your accident. They’ll make you wait or refuse to respond completely. When an insurance company uses this tactic, they’re trying to make you desperate. You’ll only have a certain amount of time to file a claim and receive your settlement, and they’re trying to use that to their advantage.

Unfortunately, many people end up paying for part of the accident they didn’t cause because of this. Don’t let this tactic get to you, however. Speak with a lawyer and demand the full settlement you deserve for your claim. Don’t take their settlement offer until you know you’re getting the amount you deserve.

Beating Insurer Tactics

When we pay for our insurance, we expect that that coverage will protect us when a crash does happen. Unfortunately, your insurance company might not be so willing to help you out during your difficult time. Instead, you’ll need an attorney who will fight the insurance company for your settlement.

It’s unfortunate, but the insurance companies can’t always be trusted.

Fortunately, there are ways to beat their tactics. By remembering that you don’t have to take their settlement offer and making your demand letter, you might be able to receive the settlement you deserve for your accident.

If they refuse to settle, beat their tactics by taking them to court. You know what your claim is worth, and your attorney can help you fight back for the full funds you deserve.

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