Going to Court for a Car Accident? No Need to Worry

When you’ve been in a car accident, one of your biggest concerns should be getting your compensation. You’ll need funds to recover from a car accident, and you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for that. Someone else made you suffer, so they should pay.

Unfortunately, that’s not always easy. While your insurance company should offer you a settlement to help you recover. Now, your only option is the courtroom.

Fortunately, you have a chance to recover your claim. Seek out help from a car accident attorney in Baton Rouge and get the compensation you need for a recovery.

Proving Fault

First, to get your compensation, you’ll need to prove that you were injured by another driver. Louisiana is a fault state, which means you’ll receive your compensation from the person responsible for your injuries. While you may be able to file through your insurance company, they’ll still seek compensation from the other insurer.

So, you and your lawyer will first need to focus on proving you didn’t do it. Usually, this requires looking at the evidence from the scene, such as a reconstruction or surveillance footage. Your lawyer will use this to prove you were injured by the other driver’s recklessness.

Protecting Your Claim

If you’re seeking compensation, be sure that you’re protecting your claim as well. You’ll need compensation for your losses, so don’t let your compensation be reduced or taken because of the time limits and laws surrounding your claim.

For example, you’ll only have one year to file a claim in Louisiana. That should give you time to file your claim, but if you miss this deadline, it could be devastating. If you don’t file on time, your claim will be dismissed completely.

Even partial fault can hurt your claim. If you’re found partly responsible for the suffering you’ve been put through, you could lose part of the compensation you need. For example, if you were hit by another driver, but you were texting at the time, you might be found 20 percent at fault for the accident. That means you’ll only recover 80 percent of your compensation.

Heading to Court? Don’t Panic

If you’ve been injured by a dangerous driver, going to court might be the best way to fight back and get the compensation you need. It can be tough to win the full compensation you need, but with the right attorney, you’ll have a chance to fight back and get the compensation you deserve.

So, reach out for the help you need before you get started. Heading to court can be scary and intimidating, but with the right lawyer on your side, you’ll have a chance to recover and get the full compensation you deserve for your car accident.

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