Iowa Workplace Injuries: By the Numbers

Most people don’t think they’ll ever get injured at work. Work has other problems, but you aren’t usually scared of being hurt. However, work is often one of the most dangerous places you will go. Many people are injured at work, and if you think about it, it makes sense.

We spend a great deal of time at work. Some people have more dangerous jobs than others, but we all have the potential to sustain a workplace injury. Several work-related injuries are things you might not have thought of, such as chemical exposure, work-related illnesses, stress-induced heart attacks, and vehicle collisions.

No matter what type of job you have, there is a likelihood of being injured on the job. That’s why workers compensation was created—to protect workers who get hurt at, or because of, their employment. If an entire system of insurance was created, there’s probably a pretty big reason why—a lot of on-the-job injuries.

Let’s look at some statistics on how common on-the-job injuries are, what types of injuries are most common at work, and what industries are the most dangerous.

Iowa Workplace Injury Statistics

The following are some statistics on workplace injuries in Iowa:

  • There were over 40,000 nonfatal accidents reported in Iowa in 2016.
  • Iowa’s incident rate was significantly higher than the national average incident rate. Manufacturing and trade, transportation, and utilities accounted for over 53 percent of all work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Out of the 40,300 reported injuries in 2016, 21,200 were of a serious nature requiring employees to miss time from work.
  • 37,300 out of the 40,000 plus recorded work injury cases were work injuries, as opposed to work illnesses. The other roughly 3000 cases were occupational illnesses. 30 percent of the occupational illnesses were in these three categories: hearing loss, respiratory conditions, and skin disorders.
  • Iowa’s state and local government reported 7,700 injury and illness cases in 2016.

What Do the Numbers Say?

What the numbers say depends on what you ask them. These numbers say that a great deal of work-related injuries and illnesses occur in Iowa each year, and that our state has a higher injury rate than many others. If you’ve been injured at work, you are entitled to benefits.

Have You Been Injured at Work, and You Think You Might be Eligible for Workers Compensation Benefits?

As you can clearly see, workplace injuries happen a lot more often than you might think. You deserve to be paid workman’s comp benefits if you’ve been hurt at work. You will have medical expenses and you’ll be out of work for a while, which means lost income. Without benefits, how would you survive?

Get an Iowa workers compensation lawyer to help you with your claim. A lawyer will know the rules and laws related to workers comp in Iowa, so you can have a higher chance of obtaining the benefits you’re after. Good luck with your claim, and watch out for potential hazards at work. Danger is everywhere!

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