Is a Rear-End Collisions Always the Rear Driver’s Fault?

One moment, you’re heading down the highway, focused on the road and having a nice little drive. The next, you’ve rear-ended someone, and now you’re worried that it’s your fault. If they choose to sue, rather than rely on their own insurance company, what can you do about it? After all, rear-end collisions are usually the rear driver’s fault, right?

While the rear driver is often at fault, you’re not automatically at fault. Instead of accepting the blame, think about your accident and what you can do to recover compensation.

Rear Drivers May be Responsible

In most cases, the rear driver is found responsible for the accident. The driver in front is looking at the cars around them, but they may not be able to keep an eye on you behind them. Since they’re trying to keep an eye on the car in front of them, you’re expected to watch out for the car in front of you.

As such, many rear-end accidents happen because the rear driver isn’t paying attention to the car in front of them. So, when are they not at fault?

When is the Front Driver at Fault?

When you’re in a rear-end accident, it can sometimes happen because the other driver was negligent. They’re responsible for properly signaling and driving safely, and sometimes, they might not do that.

For example, you might have been following at a safe distance, but the driver in front of you braked suddenly or reversed, striking your vehicle. While you were the one behind them, they acted negligently by reversing into you.

Otherwise, they may not have properly signaled. If their brake lights don’t work, for example, you don’t have a way to tell that they’re stopping. Because they’re driving unsafely without brake lights, they may be held responsible for the damage done.

Don’t Take the Blame

When you’re involved in a rear-end collision, it can leave you blamed for the accident, even if you weren’t responsible. If you don’t fight back, you could be left with the expenses the other driver should be responsible for.

Don’t let them put the blame on you. With a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer, you’ll have a better chance of recovering compensation or avoiding the blame for the accident. While rear-end crashes are often the fault of the rear driver, don’t let them put the blame on you when you weren’t at fault. Instead, get compensation for your own losses.

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