Law Firms: Rank Higher in Google with These Simple Steps

Before sites can generate business, they must first get a steady stream of visitors. Thousands of people are making legal queries every day using their favorite search engines. Law firms should strive to get to the top of the results pages for increased traffic. With the right messaging, these viewers could be converted to paying clients. Use these search engine optimization techniques to achieve your goal.

Determine Your Target Keywords

Think about the best keywords you can place in your website so your target audience can find you. Since most firms operate within a certain jurisdiction, it makes sense to localize the keywords. Pair the name of the state or the city with the firm’s legal specialty. Arrange them in such a way as to match a good volume of queries. Online tools can be used to learn possible combinations and the level of competition for each.

Put These in Strategic Areas

Once you determine the keywords, make sure to place them in strategic areas of the site. There are parts on which search engines tend to focus more than others. For example, it would be prudent for the words to be included, not just within a post, but also in the title and the URL. If there are images on a page, the keywords can be placed within the tags, as well. Be careful not to go overboard because the site can be mistaken for spam and penalized.

Start a Blog with Great Content

Stale sites with static content tend to wither away in the rankings. Search engines want to deliver fresh content to their users, so they favor active sites with timely posts. One of the best ways to keep yours active is to create a blog and upload new posts on a regular basis. There should be at least one new entry every week. However, it’s not all about quantity and frequency. The content should be of high quality, as well. It should be relevant to, and helpful for, the readers.

Get Inbound Links

One of the biggest markers of relevance and usefulness is the number of inbound links. If other sites are linking to your page, you must be doing something right. Search engines will look at you as having good authority on your subject. Remember, this is not a pure numbers game. Their algorithms can analyze the quality of the pages linking back. If they are spam sites without good content, they will not produce the results that you are hoping for.

Analyze and Adjust

SEO is rarely finished in one go. The process requires continuous refinement based on the statistics. The results are measurable, so it possible to know whether the strategies are working. The numbers should be monitored and analyzed so that the proper adjustments can be made. Note that search engine algorithms change constantly, so new updates must be studied so that the site can adapt right away. A law firm SEO company can help with all of these technical details.



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