Suing for a Car Crash Caused by a Government Vehicle

One minute, you’re on a nice drive, minding your own business. The next, you’ve been hit by a government-owned vehicle, and you’re in rough shape. It’s a bad position to be in, and it’s worse for your compensation. Suing the government isn’t easy, but after a car crash, you’ll need the help you can get.

That means you’ll need to be looking for a Milwaukee car accident lawyer, and not just any old lawyer. You’ll need someone who understands how tough it is to sue the government, and someone who can put up a fight for you and your compensation. So, seek help before you go toe-to-toe with the government.

Rules for Suing the Government

Don’t expect the government to make the claims process easy on you. Filing a claim against a government agency isn’t easy because they have sovereign immunity. Since they lead the community, they’re granted certain immunities from claims, so you’ll need to take a few extra steps for your claim.

First, you’ll need to file a written notice with the attorney general. This notice should include any and all damages you’ve suffered, as well as how the accident is the government’s responsibility. You’ll need a lawyer to help you make this as detailed as possible.

Once you’ve written your notice, don’t wait around to file it. You’ll only have 120 days, or about four months, to file your claim. Running late on filing? You’ll lose your chance to file at all.

Compensation Offered for Government Accidents

So, you’ll need to start now and prepare your claim, but first, you’ll need to know what you’re being offered. Typically, you’ll receive some of two types of damages: economic and “noneconomic.”

Economic damages should cover all the financial losses that happen in a car accident. Medical bills, lost wages, and car repairs are all vital to your recovery. After all, you don’t want to be left with overwhelming debt because a government employee wasn’t paying attention.

What about noneconomic damages? These don’t cover the financial losses you suffer, but instead cover the mental and emotional suffering you’ve dealt with. These damages are more complex, however, so make sure you’ve got a lawyers help for your claim.

Get Compensated for a Car Accident

It’s unfortunate, but a car crash with a government vehicle makes things tough. When you’re dealing with their rules and regulations, it’s even tougher. You’ll need help navigating your claim, or you could lose your compensation.

Fortunately, that doesn’t have to happen. By seeking out a lawyer, you can protect your claim and get the full compensation you deserve. So, don’t risk the compensation you need after an accident. Instead, seek out someone who can untangle the complex laws around suing the government and get you the full claim you deserve.

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